Glendale Properties

Justin Oaks Apartments 1133 Justin Avenue Glendale CA 91201
Galleria Pointe Apartments 1140 N. Columbus Avenue Glendale CA 91202
Burchett Apartments 314-320 W. Burchett Street Glendale CA 91203
Chestnut Apartments 120 W. Chestnut Street Glendale CA 91204
Wilson Apartments 1458-1462 E. Wilson Avenue Glendale CA 91206
Everett Apartments 138 N. Everett Street Glendale CA 91206
Stanley Oaks Apartments 1435 Stanley Avenue Glendale CA 91206
Lexington Apartments 1111 E. Lexington Drive Glendale CA 91206

Reasonable Accommodation or Modification for Parties with Disabilities

We respond to all requests for reasonable accommodations or modifications for people with disabilities.  Such requests include not only physical modifications to a rental property, but also include permission to have a service or assistance animal live with the tenant.

Requests for reasonable accommodation or modification should be made by filling out our Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request Form.  If you need help filling out the form, or if you want to give us your request in some other way, we will help you do so.  Call us or email us if you have any questions about submitting a request for reasonable accommodation or modification or to inquire about living space specifics.


Please note that some of our properties were built in the 1960s, have not undergone significant renovation, most do not have elevators, and some of  the units are each multi-story or multi level.  Some properties also have no public spaces or guest parking.